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If you are a student, teacher, researcher, or simply someone with a passion for philosophy and the humanities, we invite you to write an article and submit it to us. We will publish well-written, original articles on any topic related to these fields, including, but not limited to, ethics, politics, art, literature, anthropology, history, etc.

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Being an author on our website is an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with a global audience. Our readers come from all over the world, which means that your ideas can reach a wide and diverse audience.

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In addition, being an author on our site can also help you build your platform and increase your online visibility. Your articles can be shared on social networks and indexed by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), which can help attract more traffic to your website, social network or blog.

Finally, being an author on our website is a great way to collaborate with the community and help others learn.

Content policy

Our content policy for authors on our website includes the following:

  • All articles must be original, at least 600 words in length, and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Articles must not contain offensive, discriminatory or defamatory content.
  • Authors must include reliable sources and references for their claims and opinions.
  • Articles will be reviewed and edited before publication, and authors will be notified of any significant changes.
  • Authors are responsible for ensuring that the content of their articles is accurate and correct.
  • We reserve the right to reject or remove any content that violates this content policy.
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  • The articles published on our site should be written with the goal of providing value to our readers and not just as a way to get backlinks. Articles that contain links to your own sites or to third party sites should be relevant to the content of the article and add value to the reader. Any excessive or inappropriate use of backlinks may be considered spam and may result in the article being removed or future contributions banned. In addition, articles should not be written solely for the purpose of promoting a product or service. Advertising should be unobtrusive and relevant to the content of the article.