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Filosofia do Início is a blog about Philosophy and the Humanities. We hope to create a special place for those seeking to explore the vast field of Philosophy. Our mission is to provide educational and informative content on the most varied topics in philosophy, in order to contribute to the development of critical thinking and the promotion of knowledge and reflection on fundamental questions of human existence.

We believe in the power of philosophy in the construction of an ethical and conscious individual, and that philosophy is an essential part of human education and formation. We recognize that each individual is a potential philosopher, with the ability to think for him/herself, explore the world around him/her, and construct the meaning of his/her own life.

Filosofia do Início is currently managed by Sadoque Vieira, who has a degree in Philosophy from the Federal University of Amazonas and is responsible for the revision and creation of new content.

What will you find in this Blog?

Here you will find articles focused on Philosophy and other related subjects such as sociology, psychology, anthropology, etc.

We address topics related to the four major periods in the history of philosophy: 

  • Ancient philosophy;
  • Medieval;
  • Modern;
  • Contemporary;

As well as the various currents of thought, such as: stoicism, existentialism, phenomenology, etc.

Our main goal

Filosofia do Início is a virtual space dedicated to those who wish to take their first steps in Philosophy. Our objective is to offer brief philosophical articles that can be used as support material for students and undergraduates, with no pretension of exhausting any subject.

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